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Image of Jacquard Cyanotype Kit

Jacquard Cyanotype Kit

The Jacquard Cyanotype Kit is a 2 component sensitiser set for creating photographic blueprints on paper and fabric. Each set contains two 22.68g bottles - Part A and Part B:

  • Part A: Potassium Ferricyanide

  • Part B: Ferric Ammonium Citrate

These chemicals are used to sensitise your surface, so that your composition will develop the distinctive cyanotype look when exposed to UV light. You can create detailed prints using any object that will cast a shadow, including botanicals, lace, string, tools and more. All you need to to is place the object onto the sensitised surface and leave your image to expose in sunlight. You can also reproduce photos using the cyanotype technique by creating a digitally printed photographic negative in place of an object. Your negative should be an inverted black and white photo that is inkjet printed onto a transparency.

Cyanotype is a fun, easy and forgiving technique that is a great creative activity for photographers, mixed media artists, printmakers, quilters, kids and more!

In stock
  • An easy to use kit to create your own Cyanotype Prints

  • Use the sun and shadows to develop your own art with a distinctive look.

  • Great creative activity for mixed media artists, photographers, printmakers and more.

  • Fun for all ages and abilities

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