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These excellent value Inscribe soft pastels are made from finest and softest materials available. Highest degree of lightfastness.

The soft pastels are square construction which makes them ideal for both block and detailed work. The extreme softness of the pastels provides unrivalled colour application.

Available in sizes 32, 48 and 64.

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  • Excellent for line work

    Although described as soft pastels, I actually use them as a harder, linear tool for coloured drawing and often the early stages of a work where softer pastels are laid on top. The square edges are ideally suited to making small marks and hatched lines. The flat sides are good for blocking-in large colour areas without depositing and wasting too much pastel-dust. They work well on standard and toothy papers.

    - Christine Derrick from Bristol, United Kingdom on May 4, 2012
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  • Great value for money.

    Good selection of colours and easy to use.

    - Sandra Angelo from Norwich, United Kingdom on Apr 2, 2012
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  • Brilliant for art class students just starting pastels

    I've used these inscribe pastels for years. They are described as being hard. they are not really - they are somewhere between hard and soft which is great. Half size sticks are excellent value for money and the larger full range of half size Inscribe pastels are excellent for students new to pastels wanting to get as many colours as they can on a limited budget. I recommend these to my own students every time teaching my own workshops with fantastic results. Totally recommend them.

    - Robert Dutton from LEEDS, United Kingdom on Nov 24, 2013
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