Image of Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Ink Additional Set 5 x 30ml

Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Ink Additional Set 5 x 30ml

Brand: Ecoline
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This set of 5 Additional colours (to expand the primary colours) of Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Inks offer artists a vibrant and rewettable fluid watercolour that is suitable for a range of artistic techniques. Ecoline inks are transparent and dye-based and can be used just like regular watercolours to create washes and detailed illustrations. Each colour comes in a glass jar that has a pipette fitted to the lid; this pipette is great for calculating your colour mixes and for dropping colour straight onto your palette. These inks are fluid enough to be used straight from the bottle, but they can be further thinned with water if needed. The colours are rewettable once dry to allow for easy mixing.

As these inks are dye based they are not lightfast, therefore it is recommended that your work is stored away from direct sunlight.

They are usable on any surface suited for watercolour; use them for painting, product design, illustration, fashion design or even calligraphy! Suitable for application with a brush, dip pen, ruling pen or fountain pen.

This set contains 5 x 30ml bottles of Ecoline Ink in a selection of additional colours to expand on the colours available in the primary set. Colours included are: Grey, Light Orange, Ultraviolet, Sepia and Vermilion.

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