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Image of Dynamic Seascapes by Judith Yates

Dynamic Seascapes by Judith Yates

Dynamic Seascapes by Judith Yates includes step-by-step guidance on how to paint seas and skies that are full of drama and energy.

This book will be invaluable to any artist looking to inject excitement and power into their artwork of the sea. Covering both traditional and experimental techniques, Judith Yates takes you through the methods used to create her dynamic seascapes. All this is explained in clear instructions with annotated examples alongside Judith's beautiful artwork. The book covers all aspects of creating a seascape - with sections on colour, composition and creating atmosphere. It demystifies all aspects of painting the sea with detail on the form and anatomy of a wave and capturing light, drama and atmosphere. It is a comprehensive handbook that covers creating seascapes in mixed media including acrylic, watercolour and acrylic inks. This gives the book a wide appeal for both watercolour and acrylic artists looking to expand their creative horizons.

Dynamic Seascapes would be a great source of inspiration to artists who are drawn to the sea as a subject for their own paintings.

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