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Unison Soft Pastel Ocean Blue Set (OB1 to OB12)

    The Unison Soft Pastel Ocean Blue Set includes all 12 colours from Unison's exclusive Ocean Blue range. These 12 colours were developed and curated in collaboration with pastel artist Zaria Forman and are ideal for creating seascapes. Each pastel is handmade in the UK, has a smooth, buttery texture and vibrant colour.

    The Ocean Blue set was created after Zaria Forman struggled to find the perfect shades of blue for her seascapes and icy landscapes. Forman and Unison worked in collaboration to create this range of colours ideal for capturing the bluest of waves and the most radiant ice. They have the same buttery, soft texture as other pastels in the Unison range and are made using the very best artists pigments. They offer exceptional lightfastness that will ensure your work stands the test of time and deliver bright colour with smooth application. Higly versatile and water soluble, these pastels can be used alone, or combined with a variety of media including oils, watercolour, charcoal and pencil.

    This set is presented in a professional blue box with Unison branding.

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