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Unison Soft Pastel Light Colours Set of 8

    The Unison Soft Pastel Light Colours set contains 8 handmade, professional quality soft pastels in a selection of light colours - including 2 from Unison's exclusive 'Light' range. Each of these pastels is handmade in the UK and has a smooth texture for easy colour laydown.

    This set includes 8 dark colours - including 2 from the 'Light' range - and would make an excellent addition to the palette of any paste artist looking to use pale, pastel hues. Unison pastels have a buttery texture that lends itself well to colour blending and smooth application. As they are manufactured using high-quality artist's pigments they offer brilliant lightfastness to ensure your work will remain vibrant for years to come. Use these pastels alone or mix with a variety of media including watercolour, pencil, charcoal and oils. They are also water soluble.

    This set is presented in a professional blue box with Unison branding.

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