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Sta-Wet Palette Handy Palette

    Sta-wet palettes are designed to save paint wastage and to maintain mixed colours for weeks. They prevent acrylic colours drying on the palette or losing their tones, remaining usable for days. A special sponge, when moistened and combined with Acrylic film maintains a moist atmosphere inside the Sta-wet palette.

    This handy palette is ideal for the hobbyist who doesn't need a large mixing area. Palette comes with 5 films and one sponge. Refill sponges and films are also available.

    Palette size: 216mm x 178mm

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    Handy Palette Product Code: ART060
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    Handy Palette Film Refill (30) Product Code: ART061
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    Handy Palette Sponge Refill (1) Product Code: ART062
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    • An excellent product that does what it promises - Handy Palette

      This pallette works! It genuinely keeps your paints moist and workable for a considerable period. It is oincredibly light and portable and the lid snaps on and off neatly. I find this size is just right for ease of use, portability, and storage. A slight shame that the white water-permeable 'paper'stains so much but, as it says in the instructions, once cleaned off (as much as you can), it does not stain your next batch of paints when re-used A perfectly wipeclean surface is probably too much to hope for! It is the best painting accessory I have ever bought and is as valued as any set of good brushes. Well worth the money. Ian Toon (Driffield, United Kingdom) on 29 Nov 2012
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    • Masterson Sta-wet palette - Handy Palette Film Refill (30)

      Since I am primarily using Acrylics this palette and the papers for the system are just the ticket - since they keep moist forever in this system - The best there is for acrylic artists - I have tried a few and Masterson's is the best. Rene Olsen (Copenhagen N, Denmark) on 22 Jul 2012
      11 of 11 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Very strong not like other palettes - Handy Palette

      Will last a long time not like others that split. June Alexander (King's Lynn, United Kingdom) on 1 Mar 2013
      10 of 10 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no