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Red Variegated Metal Leaf

    This is a brass leaf which has been treated with chemicals and acids to produce a random coloured pattern on the leaf. The colours are also random, but as a guide, the stated colours indicate a predominance of that colour. Booklets of 25 leaves each measuring 140mm x 140mm.

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    • gorgeous - Red Variegated Metal Leaf

      I loved these copper sheets. They peeled away from the backing paper easily. I wanted a rougher look to my project so I used smaller pieces that overlapped. I used it on the inside of 2 downlighters in my kitchen and they look stunning. I'm very pleased with the look and the price I achieved it for. Avril Green (Sandbach, United Kingdom) on 23 Feb 2015
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    • In the right hands....! - Red Variegated Metal Leaf

      Mine are not the right hands as I made a mess first time around. There are no instructions so I typed Gilding into Google and came up with 150 YouTube video's. These were great so I tried again and made a good job of the fillet of a frame. The leaf itself looks fantastic but it is not for me but I would recommend it as I have seen the great results that can be acheived. David Molloy (Rossendale,, United Kingdom) on 15 Feb 2013
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    • Ditto - Red Variegated Metal Leaf

      Ditto Frank Bove (Leeds, United Kingdom) on 11 Dec 2018
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