R&F Pigment Sticks Introductory Set of 6 x 38ml

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The R&F Pigment Sticks Introductory Set of 6 includes six 38ml pigment sticks. Pigment Sticks are a genuine oil colour, made with a high enough wax content that enables them to be moulded into a stick form. This set includes the following colours:

  • Naples Yellow (Opaque), Cadmium Green Pale (Opaque), King's Blue (Opaque), Turkey Red (Transparent), Turkey Umber Greenish (Semi-Transparent) and Neutral White (Opaque).

R&F Pigment Sticks allow the artist to paint and draw directly on the painting surface - putting fewer barriers between artist and paint, allowing you to work with direct immediacy. They are made using only the finest paint-making ingredients - natural wax (beeswax and plant wax), linseed oil and pigments. They contain no extenders, fillers or additives. These ingredients combine to give a painting tool with smooth application, a soft lipstick-like consistency and clean colour.

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R&F Pigment Sticks can be applied directly to your painting surface for traditional painting techniques or quick compositional drawing. They are a genuine oil paint so can be used with any of the solvents and mediums used in traditional oil painting. R&F Pigment Sticks can also be manipulated with painting knives, brushes and brayers to achieve different painting effects.

Like oil paint, these Pigment Sticks contain Linseed Oil as a key component. Linseed Oil is a flammable product, so it is important that any rags or other studio waste containing either Linseed Oil or solvents are disposed of responsibly to prevent smouldering. Use a metal waste can with a lid to reduce any risk of fire - it will smother any potential flames. Pour water on the waste and take it out regularly to further decrease any risk of fire.

While pigment particles are too large to be absorbed through the pores of the skin, there is the potential for absorption through broken skin and abrasions. When working with Pigment Sticks we would advise that you use a barrier cream or gloves to reduce this risk - especially when using colours containing cadmiums, cobalts, and chromium oxides. Do not eat, smoke, drink or hold painting brushes and tools in your mouth while painting. Always wash your hands before doing any of these things when you have used Pigment Sticks.

Ventilation isn't necessary unless you are using solvents with your Pigment Sticks. For artists looking to avoid solvent use, oils can replace them for many cleaning applications. We advise keeping your studio space separate from any living areas to reduce long-term exposure to toxic artists materials.

Pigment Sticks conform to ASTM D-4263

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