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Lyra Groove Coloured Pencil Sets

    The Lyra Groove is a giant coloured pencil which is ideal for children who are making their first foray into art.The barrel of the pencils, measuring 17.5 cm in length, is triangular in cross-section, with a 10 mm diameter. There are small holes made along the side of the barrel to ensure comfort and an easy grip, and teach children the most effective way to hold their pencils. The grip is very intuitive; the thumb, index finger and middle finger fit into place around the pencil regardless of whether the child is right or left handed. Even after sharpening, these guides can be used!

    The pencil lead has an extra-wide diameter or 4.25mm and is break resistant and long lasting. The rich pigments used help to produce bright intense colours.

    These coloured pencils are essential for any imaginative drawing and are a sure grip for a great start! Lyra Groove is simply unbeatable at colouring-in, and is immediately recognisable thanks to the breathtaking design. Everybody wants one!

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