Invisi Lightweight Display Easel

    The introduction of INVISI follows on from the designer visiting many Art exhibitions with local Art Clubs using many different picture display easels, some very expensive but most with some deficiency whether it be stability, weight, or difficulty with storing and handling.

    The product was initially designed for Art Clubs but is also ideal for solo artist exhibitions and for use by galleries. A complete exhibition can be mounted using available tables and INVISI. The requirement for a lightweight product to enable table displays to be effective without toppling is apparent also for one that will pack flat for easy storage and transportation. INVISI is now available after considerable development and testing under exhibition conditions. The product uses structural plastics and is very strong when erected.

    INVISI's are designed to hold pictures with a backing board, but can hold canvas as long as there is something at the back for the supports to lean on. INVISI's will not hold 3D canvas.

    As well as being quick and straight-forward to assemble, INVISI display easels can also be easily dismantled when not in use and can be stored flat.

    INVISI's can hold lighter pictures (eg. unframed canvas board) up to about bout 24" high. If the picture is heavier (eg. framed with glass) the maximum height will be less, depending on the weight of the picture. For very wide pictures it may be advisable to use an INVISI on each end of the picture. The INVISI can hold pictures/canvas up to a maximum of 1.5" deep, although we do not reccomend it to hold chunky canvas as it may be a bit tight.

    For hints and tips on how to use INVISI at exhibitions click here...

    Each individual Invisi Easel measures approximately 19.5cm deep and 18.5cm wide when set up.


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    User Reviews

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    • Excellent product - Invisi Pack of 10

      Excellent product, used at a craft fair and found it very and quick to assemble to display pictures, also very stable. Ronald Freeman (Newark, United Kingdom) on 1 May 2012
      11 of 11 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Excellent product for displaying pictures. - Invisi Pack of 5

      These stands really do the job to hold items in a sturdy safe manner. They will hold quite a heavy 20"x16" picture frame with no problems. The fact that they fold flat is very useful to make them conveniently portable. Follow the video instructions here on the Ken Bromley site if you need any additional guidance as to how to construct them (which is very simple when you know how). Louise Burrows (Abergavenny, United Kingdom) on 5 Apr 2013
      8 of 8 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Perfect for my needs. Good quality and value. - Invisi Pack of 10

      These clever lightweight easels will support surprisingly large and weighty framed pictures, securely and unobtrusively. Just what I needed. June Russell (Bradford, United Kingdom) on 26 Dec 2012
      7 of 7 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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