Faber Castell Polychromos Artists Colour Pencil Tin of 120

The Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists Colour Pencil Tin of 120 contain all from this professional colour pencil range. Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists Colour Pencils are oil-based and made to the very highest quality.

Each pencil has a soft, waterproof lead with a waxy texture that lays down colour smoothly without smudging. These pencils aren't brittle and can easily be sharpened to a very fine point, allowing you to work with precision. Polychromos pencils are highly pigmented and deliver excellent covering power - try them on paper, card, wood or even fabric.

These colour pencils are valued worldwide for their matchless quality. At all stages of the manufacturing process Faber-Castell apply consistent, high-quality standards. Top quality materials and long experience ensure that the result is a break-resistant, lightfast, vibrantly coloured pencil that will be valued by professional artists.

Polychromos Pencils have a 3.8mm lead.

Eco Pencil made with wood from sustainably managed forests and finished with Water-based ECO Varnish. This pencil range is vegan and does not include any animal-derived ingredients in their manufacture.

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  • Wonderful Bright Colours

    I bought a 36 pack of these pencils and, well, coloured pencils are generally similar in in the way they work on the paper. Some are soft, some are very soft and some are harder. They all have varying different characteristics.
    Polychromos pencils are different. Their differences are very obvious compared to other coloured pencils. (And here I have to disagree with Ken Bromley here,) Polychromos pencils are not wax based pencils, they are oil based pencils. This makes a large difference in the way they react on the paper. The main difference being that you don't get that waxy bloom/shine, your pictures always keeps a nice matt finish for as much pigment as you can get on the paper. That aside, Polychromos are very highly pigmented, the colours spring off the paper. A drawback (in my opinion), is that these pencils in the smaller packs, i.e.36, are not enough, you need the whole set (120) to use them well. The colours don't mix as well as wax based pencils, hence you can't layer colours so well, you need the nearest colour to what you want from the complete set. I'm ordering mine now, and I'm looking forward to using them. Andy Roberts (Javea, Spain) on 19 Jan 2017
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  • Great Product - Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists' Pencils Tin of 120

    I have never used pencils before, so this is very new to me. They feel very smooth to work with and I appreciate that I need a lot more practice to get the right feel for them. But they felt so nice I am encouraged that I shall produce some good, saleable work with them in future. Tina Bone (Comberton, United Kingdom) on 2 Jan 2015
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