Daniel Smith Primary Triad Set

This set contains the three primary colours in the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Range: Perylene Red, Hansa Yellow Medium and French Ultramarine. This Primary set allows you to build on the foundations of colour theory by mixing and creating your own colours. The set can also be combined with the Secondary Triad Set to complete a full colour wheel and expand the possible colour combinations.

Perylene Red is medium staining and semi-transparent. It creates vivid, dark washes with a clean brilliant orange hue. This sedimentary pigment offers an additional health plus, as it is made from a metal-free red. Clean modern pigments such as this will put accidental mud-making in the past.

Hansa Yellow Medium is a high-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigment. Considered the 'perfect yellow', Hansa Yellow Medium offers more control when mixing. Painters admire the purity of this primary pigment and adjust its temperature while avoiding a gray from a hidden complement. Think of a yellow pepper.

French Ultramarine is a medium-to-dark warm reddish-blue and is highly lightfast and of medium tinting strength. Its sedimentary quality increases its versatility.Modify it with Quinacridone Gold for delightful greens that remain color-coordinated. Mix French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Burnt Orange and be rewarded with an amazing range of blue to brown grays. Mixed with either Quinacridone Rose or Pink, a range of purples result. For another important mix, see Hooker's and Sap Green.

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