Artists' Sponge

High quality natural sponge for removing unwanted washes and creating special effects in water colours.

Each sponge is approximately 2" inches in size, making it larger than the Jakar Artists' Sponge

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  • As Sponges Go, It's a Sponge - Artists' Sponge

    How to write a review of a sponge. . . Well, it is indeed an authentic ex-sea creature with holes in it.
    But actually it's a very handy little tool when it come to watercolours. I use them for applying water before washes. It allows a quicker and more even layer than using a brush. It's also handy for painting leaves, using unmixed different colours at the same time, very effective. I have been using the baby's bath sponge from the chemist, but they tend to have big holes in and generally aren't very uniform. Ken's are much tighter and easier to use.
    There see, I did it! Andy Roberts (Javea, Spain) on 13 Feb 2015
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  • Sponge - Artists' Sponge

    This sponge is smaller than I thought it would be, however I appreciate, after using it, that a small sponge allows you to do finer work! As you will have ascertained from my comments I am obviously still in the learning stage! June Skeet (Beckenham, United Kingdom) on 19 Jul 2013
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  • Just fine - Artists' Sponge

    Looking forward to using this. Carol Nelson (Norwich, United Kingdom) on 22 May 2012
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