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Portable Easels

    Also known as travel easels or plein air easls. Portable easels are designed to be carried about and used outdoors. They should be compact and light weight and are usually made from wood or aluminium. Some box easels can also store your art materials in them. 

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    Loxley Cumbria Easel

    2 reviews

    A very high quality beechwood sketching easel which has robust, easy to use fittings ideal for both watercolour and oil painting and foldable to ensure maximum ease for storage and transport.


    Loxley Highland Box Easel

    This super high quality sketch box easel stands out with its unmatched finish.  Among its features are a canvas carrying shoulder strap and a special metal lined drawer.


    Jakar Lightweight Field Easel

    16 reviews

    For canvases up to 130cm in height. Use indoors, outdoors or as a desk top easel.


    Jakar Lightweight Adjustable Watercolour Easel

    57 reviews

    For watercolour or oil/acrylics painting indoor or outdor use.


    Devon Metal Easel

    10 reviews

    This strong metal sketching easel has been developed for extra stability particularly when sketching outdoors.


    Pochade Boxes

    22 reviews

    Pochade boxes offer everything you need for painting on location.

    from £37.50

    Daler Easel Pod Bag

    1 review

    This Easel Pod Bag features two large side pockets which can carry all your art materials and your easel in one simple solution.


    Loxley Wiltshire Sketch Half Box Easel

    3 reviews

    This lightweight half size sketch box easel makes a great workstation for in the studio or out and about.


    Mabef M22 Field Easel - Big

    1 review

    A solid beech with a tin lined drawer with adjustable metal dividers.


    Mabef M23 Field Easel - Small

    1 review

    Solid beechwood easel ideal for oil and watercolour painting.