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Image of Pochade Boxes

Pochade Boxes

Pochade Boxes are developed with the serious artist in mind, these compact boxes offer artists the ideal solution when painting outdoors. They are made from Beechwood.

Pochade boxes offer everything you need for painting on location including: an easel, a palette, secure storage for materials and wet paintings plus a carry handle and detachable strap. These boxes are similar to those often used by Turner and Constable, but re-developed to be light, sturdy, practical and attractive.

Although designed for oils and acrylics, these boxes are perfect for use with other mediums such as watercolours and pastels.

This box is available in one size (Large) and had a detachable carry strap. This large box will take 10" x 12" painting boards.

Please note: The pochade boxes are sold empty, any paint shown in the picture is not included.

(If you want to use a camera tripod bracket to support the pochade box on a camera tripod, you will need to strengthen the base of the pochade box with a sheet of plywood.)

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  • An art Pochade box for for all needs

    I have recently had a heart by-pass operation at Guys in London and was looking for an all in one box that would cover all media and not be too heavy as I am not allowed to lift above a half kettle of water. My wife helps me. This box satisfied all my art requirements in every way. I am thinking of attaching D/rings to the front so I can attach the the strap left/back and right/front and place it round my shoulder to sit on my lap later on. I will be using it on a table to begin with and Sennelier oil pastels on Loxley canvas boards, which you also supplied, as there is no preparation and cleaning up afterwards with them. later I will use my watercolour and WN Artisan colours. One comment to purchasers of the Pochade is rub candle wax on the edge of the palette lid to facilitate its easy removal or attachment. I will need the camera tripod attachment later for plein air etc. The world is my studio.

    - Andrew Randalls from Bournemouth, United Kingdom on Mar 29, 2012
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  • Disappointed

    Was disappointed as on the original description and picture the hole was round and suitable for a pot for thinners or water. When it arrived it was a thumb hole for a palette which if you have ever tried to pick it up using this you can see is ridiculus and totally impracticle. When I phoned about a refund was told they would not refund my postage and was told that the packaging with a picture denoting a round hole was nothing to do with them!!! As a result I'm afraid I will not be purchasing anything else from your website as I feel I have been mis-lead.

    - Olive Hillen from Northampton, United Kingdom on Jul 9, 2012
    Bromleys Art Supplies responded:

    I am sorry you are disappointed with your pochade box. However, the picture on the website clearly shows an oval hole in the palette, and in the description it states that this hole is a thumb hole in the palette and has no mention of any round hole suitable for a pot of thinners. Neither the pictures or the description have been changed since you bought the pochade box. We are always happy to replace or refund any items that our customers are not happy with. If it is an error on our side or the product is faulty, we will pay for return postage. If however, it is a customers mistake, or you just don't like a product, then we ask that you return the item at your own expense.

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  • Really Good.

    I bought one of the large ones some time ago, but it was from another supplier before I started to shop here.
    They are very good but as anothe reviewer said the top part is sometimes difficult to slide out so I sanded mine down a bit and it's fine.
    I bought a KB Tripod Mount but to fit it the box needs a piece of thicker wood glueing to the bottom to stop the screws going through, or you could just glue the mount to the bottom with silicone,etc.
    They are very good for the purpose, a nice weight, fairly light, easy to use and holds a nice amount of stuff, and excellent value for money I think the best on the market for the price. If in doubt just look at the price of Mabel, etc, 'drop dead on the spot money!'.

    - David Molloy from Rossendale,, United Kingdom on Aug 6, 2013
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