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Artist's paint is esentially a pigment suspended in a binding medium. It is the binding medium which holds the pigment together and which imparts different properties to the paint. There are many different types of paints available to the modern artist. There are traditional oil paints which have been used for many hundreds of years, where the pigment is suspended in oil, most commonly Linseed oil. There are also water-based paints like watercolours and gouache which use gum arabic as their binder and the more recent development of acrylics which use a plastic polymer emulsion as its binder. 

We stock a wide selection of paint artists. Watercolour paint, gouache, acrylic paint and oil paint with brands including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Liquitex, Golden, Cobra, SennellierDaniel Smith and many more. Select a category below to explore our range of artists' paints and mediums.

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