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Widely adopted as an artistic medium in the 15th century, Oil paint consists of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil, often linseed oil, which does not undergo the same evaporation process that water does, making it a very slow drying paint. This slow drying characteristic of oil paint makes it perfect for artists who wish to develop a painting gradually and allows for changes and corrections to the work to be made much more easily. However, the slow drying time can be a disadvantage for some who don't want to wait 6 month to a year for their painting to dry. For artists who wish to paint in oils but don't want to wait for the painting to dry, can use fast drying alkyd oils which use an oil-modified alkyd resin and solvent instead of a drying oil.

Additional drying oils can be added to the paint to modify constancy and drying time of the paint. Solvents such as turpentine or artists white spirit can be mixed in to alter the viscosity and other mediums such as liquin can be used to change the drying rate, increase gloss, provide texture etc.

We stock a range of traditional oil paints, as well as fast drying alkyds and water mixable oil paints such as Artisan and Cobra which use an additive or modified safflower oil as their binder and allow the artist to use water instead of solvents to thin and clean up the paint.

Please note that it is advisable to use all oil paints and solvents in a well ventilated area with a source of fresh air,

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