Loxley strive to put the enjoyment of art at the heart of everything they do. Supplying a variety of painting surfaces and artists' tools and accessories, Loxley strive to find ethically sourced materials which result in an unrivalled quality and value. Loxley Gold canvas has established itself as a firm favourite with professional artists, and was the first triple primed surface of its kind. Loxley were also the first to supply the deep edge 3d or Chunky canvas allowing artists to extend their paintings over the edge of the canvas and produce pieces which don't need to be framed.

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Loxley Hampshire Studio Easel

3 reviews

Handcrafted from seasoned beechwood and designed for oil and acrylic painting.


Loxley Plastic Slant Well Palette

5 reviews

Loxley Plastic Slant Well Palette


Loxley Durham Table Easel

3 reviews

A superb watercolour table easel constructed from seasoned elm wood. The angle for painting has four different adjustments and can be folded flat for ease of storage.


Loxley Yorkshire Table Easel

1 review

A new design of 'H' frame table easel made from solid elm wood. This easel enables the artist to work closer to their painting.


Loxley Wentworth Table Easel

2 reviews

This sturdy table easel is made from quality seasoned elm wood and finished with brass coloured hardware and a leather carrying handle.


Loxley Bamboo Table Display Easel

A small bamboo table easel which is ideal to display pictures or artwork.

Loxley Derbyshire Table Easel

5 reviews

A strong elm wood 'H' frame table easel which pivots and tilts at the base enabling the artist to select their ideal painting angle.


Loxley Cumbria Easel

3 reviews

A very high quality beechwood sketching easel which has robust, easy to use fittings ideal for both watercolour and oil painting and foldable to ensure maximum ease for storage and transport.


Loxley Essex Studio Easel

103 reviews

Quality easel is suitable for Watercolour, Oils and Acrylic painting.


Loxley Highland Box Easel

1 review

This super high quality sketch box easel stands out with its unmatched finish.  Among its features are a canvas carrying shoulder strap and a special metal lined drawer.


Loxley Empty Heavyweight Metal Box

24 reviews

A quality, heavyweight metal boxes, enamelled black on the outside and white on the inside.

from £32.44

Loxley Suffolk Radial Easel

5 reviews

A rigid, adjustable beechwood easel, recommended for studio and college oils and acyrlics use.


Loxley Ashgate 3D Canvas Carton

30 reviews

Deep Edge canvas, 3.5cm (1.3") depth. Staple and pin free on sides making it possible to paint the sides, making framing unnecessary.

from £48.20

Loxley Ashgate Standard Stretched Canvas Carton

28 reviews

This canvas is an economy quality, double acrylic primed 10oz. cotton canvas. Suitable for use with oils and acrylics.

from £42.95

Loxley PVA Adhesive

The PVA adhesive is available in 450ml and 120ml bottles.

from £1.85

Brush Cleaner & Preserver

32 reviews

Makes cleaning even the finest sable easy. It works on Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Varnishes, Glazes and most synthetic finishes.


Loxley Compressed Charcoal

4 reviews

Packs of assorted charcoal. Available in grey and black.

from £5.95

Loxley Clear Primed Linen Canvas Boards

6 reviews

This range of Loxley Clear Primed Linen Canvas Boards are made from 100% natural linen canvas laminated onto rigid, high quality MDF board.

from £1.70

Loxley Cheshire Mini Display Easel

6 reviews

This Cheshire mini display easel from Loxley is lightweight and the ideal size for displaying small signs, miniature studies, prints or paintings on small canvases.


Loxley Sussex Studio Easel

8 reviews

Well designed high quality studio easel for Oils and Acrylics


Loxley Stirling Heavy Duty H Frame Easel

18 reviews

This robust studio easel is based on a similar design to the Sussex, but is at home in larger studios.


Loxley Wiltshire Sketch Half Box Easel

3 reviews

This lightweight half size sketch box easel makes a great workstation for in the studio or out and about.


Loxley Canvas Boards

209 reviews

These superior canvas boards feature canvas laminated onto high quality boards of excellent stability.

from £1.25

Loxley Gold 3D Stretched Canvas

32 reviews

Deep Edge canvas, 3.5cm (1.3") depth so you can paint the sides of the canvas, making framing unnecessary.

from £5.90

Loxley Gold 3D Canvas Carton

77 reviews

Deep Edge canvas, 3.5cm (1.3") depth so you can paint the sides of the canvas, making framing unnecessary.

from £35.17

Loxley Linen Clear Gesso Canvas Cartons

1 review

These new premium quality 100% linen canvases are primed with a transparent clear gesso primer

from £40.03

Loxley Gold Standard Stretched Canvas

46 reviews

This canvas is a fine quality, triple acrylic primed 380gsm cotton canvas. Suitable for use with oils and acrylics.

from £5.32

Loxley Gold Standard Canvas Triple Packs

17 reviews

Best value for Loxley canvases in 4 sizes

from £14.61

Loxley Gold Standard Stretched Canvas Carton

67 reviews

This canvas is a fine quality, triple acrylic primed 380gsm cotton canvas. Suitable for use with oils and acrylics.

from £33.00

Loxley Canvas Pads

22 reviews

Available in 2 sizes with 10 sheets of canvas per pad. 

from £9.35

Canvas Rolls

7 reviews

100% cotton canvas. Acrylic primed.

from £118.95

Loxley Large Canvas Rolls

100% cotton, 11oz canvas. Triple gesso primed. Available in two sizes: 1m x 30m and 1.6m x 40m



Loxley Linen Masters Canvas Cartons

Ideal for both oil and acrylic paints, this 100% premium quality linen canvas is triple primed and ready for painting straight away.

from £45.04

Loxley Low Odour White Spirit

7 reviews

For thinning oil colours & cleaning brushes.


Loxley Gold Palette Knife

4 reviews

Loxley Gold Palette Knives are available in 12 different sizes each with a tempered steel blade and wooden handle.

from £4.92

Loxley Expendable Tear-Off Palettes

19 reviews

Tear Off Palette for Oils/Acrylcs

from £2.94

Loxley Aerosol Fixative

14 reviews

A colourless, non-yellowing, medium for use on charcoal, pencil, pastel, crayon and chalk drawings.

from £7.52

Brown Gummed Paper Tape

63 reviews

Excellent quality brown paper gummed tape 50mm wide (2") in width.

from £5.75

Howden Wooden Art Box

40 reviews

High quality deep empty Elm wooden box with lift out trays and comb joints.


Loxley Wooden Kidney Shaped Palettes

11 reviews

An authentic range of very high quality wooden palettes.

from £11.46
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