da Vinci Watercolour Brushes

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Da Vinci Artists' brushes are dressed, prepared and shaped by the factory's skilled brushmakers. The company prides itself in using only the highest quality materials to ensure superior quality brushes. See our range of da Vinci watercolour brushes below.

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da Vinci Artissimo Series 428 Sable Quill

58 reviews

Pure Kolinsky red sable hair

from £21.95

Da Vinci Liner Brush

10 reviews

Liner brush with inlaid, extra long needle sharp tip made from Kolinsky red sable hair and brush body made from Kazan squirrel hair to hold large amounts of colour.

from £18.10

da Vinci Vario Tip Flat

12 reviews

Special effect brush with several tips.

from £8.10

da Vinci Vario-Tip Fan

10 reviews

Special effect brush with several tips.


da Vinci Red Sable Pocket Brush

12 reviews

Red Sable hair, double section handle protects the brush in transit.

from £12.60

da Vinci Cosmotop

6 reviews

Golden extra smooth synthetic hair.

from £9.90