Isabey 6201 Pure Sable Travel Brush

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A convenient reversible travel brush made from pure sable.

Available in 2 sizes, 4 and 6.

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  • Very nice travel brush - Isabey 6201 Sable Travel Brush Size 6

    This is my first Isabey brush. I generally love French-style brushes and have quite a few of wonderful ones by Leonard. This particular brush looks nice and has good pint and snap. The size 6 corresponds to about 4.5 of WN series 7. the handle is very comfortable for a travel brush, but my handle cup is loose and sort of falls off. I had to use pliers to squeeze it a bit so it stays in place.
    The price is very reasonable - so it's almost 5 stars.
    I would recommend it to anyone who uses travel brushes. Nijaz Lukovac (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzigovina) on 3 Oct 2014
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  • Nice travel brush - a bit small though - Isabey 6201 Sable Travel Brush Size 6

    The brush is very nice and comfortable with good point. It is relatively small for #6 - more like size 5 in tuft length and #4 in diametre, but very good for detailed work. I already have complete set of Rosemary travel brushes, whose rounds are all bigger than this. I also have Escoda, W&N, da Vinci and Talens Rembrandt (along with Rosemary and CO over 20 brushes), but this one is the most comfortable "small" round I have so far.
    I would recommend it to anyone using the brush in the field, Café, at friends' premises or on holidays. Nijaz Lukovac (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) on 14 Oct 2014
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  • Quality product performs well

    I chose this brush because of all the great reviews (across the web). I only wish I could also get it in other sizes (no. 8 and 10, and a mop). I used it for the first time today and it performed exactly as beautifully as I expected. The cap posts securely and the brush feels solid when I'm using it. My only problem was that I'm used to a non-travel brush that has a fatter grip area, but I can't imagine how that can fit into a travel brush without becoming unwieldy. Elaine Pang (Mitchelton, Australia) on 17 Sep 2014
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