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5 Birmingham Based Artists Worth Following This Month

5 birmingham artists

Birmingham in the West Midlands is the second largest city in the England. In the city centre, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is known for pre-Raphaelite masterpieces. Today we take you through some of the best artists we found who have a connection to Birmingham either from being born there, living there, or studying there.

1. Jamie Crawford (Idiosinkratic)

peaky blinders

Jamie Crawford currently studies medicine at the University of Birmingham and creates art in his spare time. When his love of art and interest in the human body combine, the results are brilliant. We’re a huge fan of his monochrome celebrity portraits created using ink on paper. Jamie also designs logos, graphics and posters for Birmingham based businesses.

See more of his work here: https://idiosinkratic.wordpress.com/

2. Sam Bailey

birmingham train station

Sam Bailey is an impressionist painter living in Birmingham. He paints to capture a variety of moments in time. His work shows the liveliness of British towns and city streets primarily using using oils on board.  

night scene

See more of his work here: https://www.instagram.com/sambaileyartist/

3. Raj Hundal


In 2013 Raj decided to pursue her dream of being an artist, carrying out a variety of commissioned pieces from animal portraits to acrylic fluid artwork and alcohol ink paintings. Her collection is varied, vibrant and joyful.

raj dog portrait

Many of her pieces are available to buy on her online art shop where you can also see more of her work: http://www.rajhundalart.com/

4. Oliver C Jones

Oliver C Jones

Oliver C Jones is a Birmingham City University graduate from Shropshire. Many of his pieces focus on flesh and the ideas around beauty and the search for perfection. We particularly loved his thought provoking “Love the Skin You’re In” collection, a series of hyper-realistic pastel portraits.


See more of his work here: http://www.olivercjones.com/

5. Imogen Embroidery Art

Imogen Embroidery Art

Imogen makes art out of thread. Primarily focusing on portraits, Imogen uses a combination of less than a handful of materials such as nails, thread, ink and calico to create these fantastic pieces. In 2019 she exhibited a series of her portraits at Digbeth Art Space in Birmingham.

imogen frida

You can buy some of Imogen’s work on her online art shop: https://www.imogenembroideryart.com/

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