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Image of Gel Press Gel Printing Plate Petites Big Plans

Gel Press Gel Printing Plate Petites Big Plans

In stock

Gel Press Printing Plate Petites Big Plans is a set of 3 small, shaped gel plates that can can be used to create mosaic patterns with or without an acrylic mount. Each plate is non-toxic, vegan and latex free, with an extra sensitive surface that lets you capture more texture and detail in your printing projects.

Gel Pres Gel Printing Plates are completely reusable. Most inks and acrylic paints can be cleaned with soap and water. Oil based materials can be removed with a drop of baby oil and wiped from the surface. Alcohol Inks can be cleaned using an alcohol-based ink cleaner. Clean your Gel Plate as soon as possible after use. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth and store your Gel Plate in the clamshell case included between uses.

The 'Big Plans' Pack includes the following shapes: Bulb, House/Arrow and Mug

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