Image of Dina Wakley Media Stencil X’s

Dina Wakley Media Stencil X’s

The Dina Wakley Media Stencil X’s features a design of X shapes of various thicknesses and sizes.

Dina Wakley Media Stencils allow you to build up layers of colour and texture using designs with Dina’s signature style. These durable sheets can be reused endlessly and are easily cleaned. They’re compatible with a range of inks, paints and gels which makes them ideal for creating decorative backgrounds and textures for your art and craft projects. Use these stencils for stencilling, masking, rubbing, layering, tracing, gel printing, printmaking and more. Each design is cut with precision to ensure clear detail. Stencils are best used on smooth surfaces.

This stencil measures 6” x 9” / 150mm x 228mm

In stock
  • A stencil design of many X shapes in various thicknesses and sizes.

  • This stencil is made from durable plastic than can be cleaned and reused endlessly

  • Can be used with a range of inks, paints and gels to create patterns and texture

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