Winsor & Newton Blending & Glazing Medium

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This new medium slows drying & improves flow. Ideal for blending, glazing, stroke work, antiquing and staining.

• Improves transparency and depth.

• Dries to a durable gloss finish.

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  • Very good to use, but a problem with the lid. - Blending & Glazing Medium

    I have been looking for a good glazing medium for a while. The one I did used is so smelly that I get a headache. This one is light, does not smell too much and lovely to use. Don't overload the brush though or it will dribble.

    The lids on the W&N products are so safe that you can't open them! In the past I have had to break them to get them off and now I often decant the medium to another bottle! Unfortunately, this one is no better. P H Salmons (Wrexham, United Kingdom) on 16 Apr 2012
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  • excellent coverage from new medium

    This medium is a dream come true, no more mixing of mediums. I was surprised just how liquid it was but this is not a criticism, I was able to glaze an extensive area using very little medium. Stephen Jamison (Newtownabbey, United Kingdom) on 21 Mar 2014
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  • Excellent - Blending & Glazing Medium

    This medium has revolutionised the way I paint. I love the fluidity and the finish looks so smooth and clean. Ruth Pryor (Catworth, United Kingdom) on 5 May 2017
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