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Small Round Palette

    Lightweight palette with 10 wells and one central well.

    6" diameter. Available in plastic or aluminium.

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    • A Great Palette for overseas travel - Small Round Palette Plastic

      I have 16 of these plastic palettes and filled each of the 10 exterior wells with paint, marked-up their names around the edge with permanent marker, marked the bottom of each palette with the brand name, paired them up in twos face-to-face down, tied them with string and take them with me whenever I travel. This solution saves carrying heavy metal paint sets and keeps my luggage from being heavy - a major consideration in this day and age of air travel. Jay Farmer (UK) on 25 Aug 2013
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    • Plastic Palette - Small Round Palette Plastic

      Great little palettes and at such a reasonable price! June Skeet (Beckenham, United Kingdom) on 19 Jul 2013
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    • Great little palettes. - Small Round Palette Plastic

      Have lots on the go at one time ~ one for yellows, one greens, blues, reds, portrait colours etc. Very handy and cheap too! Andrew Coslett (Penarth, United Kingdom) on 9 Apr 2013
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