Small Round Palette

Lightweight palette with 10 wells and one central well.

6" diameter. Available in plastic or aluminium.

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  • A Great Palette for overseas travel - Small Round Palette Plastic

    I have 16 of these plastic palettes and filled each of the 10 exterior wells with paint, marked-up their names around the edge with permanent marker, marked the bottom of each palette with the brand name, paired them up in twos face-to-face down, tied them with string and take them with me whenever I travel. This solution saves carrying heavy metal paint sets and keeps my luggage from being heavy - a major consideration in this day and age of air travel. Jay Farmer (UK) on 25 Aug 2013
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  • Does what it says on the tin. - Small Round Palette Aluminium

    I picked up the metal one of these bad boys after using a plastic dish for years. Maybe it's the OCD in me, but I was starting to get twitchy every time I have to clean my plastic palette because I could not get the paint out of the tiny scratched that had built up over time. Not I don't have to worry about that any more and my OCD is back to 'Normal'. Oh and the metal one seems to keep paint cooler for longer which slows down evaporation, this is most noticeable with inks! Phillip Walsh (Exmouth, United Kingdom) on 17 Nov 2013
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  • Plastic Palette - Small Round Palette Plastic

    Great little palettes and at such a reasonable price! June Skeet (Beckenham, United Kingdom) on 19 Jul 2013
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