Princeton Aqua Elite Ser 4850 Angle Shader Watercolour Brush

The Princeton Aqua Elite Series 4850 Angle Shader Watercolour Brush is a fully synthetic brush that delivers the same performance as genuine sable hair. The Angle Shader brush has a slightly angled tip which is ideally suited to painting angular strokes and shapes, creating hard edges and also blending.

The Aqua Elite Watercolour Brush range uses Princeton's synthetic hair technology to deliver a brush that offers the same performance as natural Kolinsky Sable hair. They have exceptional colour holding capacity, consistent flow and a fine tip. They are great for artists looking to reduce the amount of animal-derived materials they use. Aqua Elite Brushes are popular with beginners and professionals alike.

These brushes have short handles.

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Size 1/4" (6mm) Product Code: P4850AS025
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Size 1/2" (12mm) Product Code: P4850AS050
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