Nitram Petits Batons Round Charcoal Sticks 5 x 6mm

    Nitram Petits Bâtons Round Charcoal Sticks 5 x 6mm are a professional quality charcoal ideal for studio based figure drawing. This premium charcoal is loved by artists and academies worldwide and is known for its durability, even when used expressively.

    The Nitram Charcoal manufacturing method maintains the cell structure of the wood which results in a drawing tool that will not crumble or skip. Not only is Nitram Charcoal exceptionally durable, it also creates less dust and can easily be sharpened to a point or erased. It is the perfect charcoal for any artist looking for a less-messy alternative for bold, expressive work!

    Each box contains 5 sticks that are approximately 150mm long.

    This product can be used with the Nitram Sharpening Bloc for Charcoal.

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    Nitram Petits Batons Round Charcoal Sticks 5 x 6mm Product Code: NIT700300
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