Galeria Acrylic Paper Pads

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Galeria Acrylic Paper is popular with acrylic painters for its texture and drag. It is also an economical support which can be less inhibiting than a stretched canvas. As acrylics are not prone to sinking like oils, a wider variety of results can be more easily achieved on paper.

Galeria pads are ideal for either outdoor sketching or studio work. The paper itself is 100% acid free, ensuring it will not discolour or embrittle. The paper is 300gsm weight and each pad contains 15 sheets. Available in 5 sizes.


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Galeria Paper reflects high quality acrylic products at a uniform affordable price. It is a canvas textured paper developed specifically by Winsor & Newton for painting in acrylics.

It is popular for those sketching both outdoors and in the studio and for those artists who prefer using paper to canvas. Unlike other acrylic papers on the market, Galeria is made from the highest quality woodfree fibre, guaranteeing an acid free product. The paper is buffered, mould-made and the weight is 140lb. Galeria is both internally and externally sized for colour brilliance and is supplied in a selection of pads and loose sheet paper.

Galeria paper can be used for oil painting provided it has been primed with one or two thin coats of Acrylic Gesso Primer.

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10" x 7" Product Code: 6687568
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14" x 10" Product Code: 6687572
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  • Great Texture

    Love the texture of this paper. Have used both small and large (20 x16) which I much prefer -suits my style for bold images as well as abstracts.
    I do however take each sheet off & use on a board to paint, rather than keeping it on the block.
    Good sl creamy colour which one can add to, depending on style. Much cheaper than either canvas or canvas boards for practising. Elaine A (Kent) on 23 Feb 2012
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  • An excellent product at a very reasonable price

    I prefer this support to other manufacturers, and even canvas boards or stretched canvas. The surface texture is like a fine weave canvas, so a pleasing appearance and good for detailed work, and is also low friction, so paint can be spread quickly even without a flow enhancer. Paul Fundak (Coventry, United Kingdom) on 25 Mar 2013
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  • Alternative canvas - Galeria Acrylics Pad 16" x 12"

    This is a great alternative to canvas. Easier for beginners to work on, and ideal for practising tricky or new techniques in acrylics. Susan Corcoran (Wigan, United Kingdom) on 30 Dec 2012
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