da Vinci Watercolour Brush Set in Dark Wooden Box

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This da Vinci Watercolour Brush Set Series 5280 comes in a handy walnut coloured wooden box and contains one piece of each of the following items:

  • Series 36 Red Kolinsky Sable Round Size 2 (approx. 1cm long)
  • Series 5530 Cosmotop Mix Round Size 6 (approx. 2cm long)
  • Series 5580 Cosmotop Spin Flat Size 10 (approx. 0.7cm)
  • Series 488 Spin Synthetics Quill Size 2 (approx. 3cm long
  • One piece of vegetable based brush soap

The wooden box will keep your brushes safe during transport; a foam rubber support on the inside of the box holds the brushes in place when the box is closed, keeping the brush hairs protected. Air holes are drilled into the upper lid to guarantee that your brushes are thoroughly dried, even in storage.

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Brush Set in Dark Wooden box Product Code: 5280
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