Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set

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12 Cotman water colours made from the purest pigments. An ergonomically designed brush pen with its own water reservoir. All packed into a slim, beautifully curved case that fits in your pocket. The Cotman Brush Pen Set allows you to capture moments of inspiration no matter where you are. And add splashes of vibrant colour to your work with all the precision and control of your favourite brush. No mess, no fuss.

The Winsor & Newton Brush Pen is a unique tool for adding controlled splashes of colour to your sketches and drawings, without interruption or hassle.

  • Convenience and Control Delivering water directly via the brush means you don’t have worry about messy water containers or interrupting your work to refill the bristles, making them perfect for outdoor use.
  • Performs Like a Brush The load, spring and point of the synthetic, fine-end tip are designed to deliver the amount of control and line versatility you would expect from a regular brush and more.
  • Clever Compact Design The tactile bobble grip is easy to squeeze and comfortable to hold, and the water level is always visible through the transparency of the brush. The pocket size brush fits neatly into the set brush compartment.

This great set consists of a stylish plastic paint box containing 12 x Cotman Watercolour half pans and a Winsor & Newton brush pen.

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Lemon Yellow Hue
Alizarin Crimson Hue
Dioxazine Violet
Viridian Hue
Sap Green
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Payne’s Grey
Lamp Black
Chinese White


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    I just wanted to add an extra review in response to a previous reviewer 's comment about cleaning the brush between colours. My tip is to keep a sheet of folded kitchen towel in with the set and then you can wipe it on the towel between colour changes, no need to have a separate water container. At least, that's what I do and it works! Stephanie Austin (Egham, United Kingdom) on 5 Oct 2016
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  • Excellent for artists outdoors - Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set

    A very good art set for open air painting. Don't know if the brush breaks if you can get replacements. But overall a good set

    Pam (Aylesbury, United Kingdom) on 9 Aug 2016

    Ken Bromley's replies:

    If the water brush every breaks or is lost, we sell a good selection of replacement water brushes from Pentel, Derwent and Caran D'Ache.

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  • Cotman Pan Set - Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set

    Lovely small pocket set. The brush is a good idea (it holds its own water), but a slight difficulty changing colours because of the colour already in the brush. So I just dropped some water over the bristles to wash out. So you would have to carry a small water supply to compensate for that. It's good for doing quick washes, but you cant concentrate the colours because the brush lets too much water through. It's handy small travel set though and I shall be taking it with me on my travels. If quick washes to capture your subject is all you want then it'll be great for that. Yvonne Rhodes (Wolverhampton, United Kingdom) on 28 Jul 2016
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