Arches Huile Oil Painting Paper Pads

    Arches Oil paper is a French made 300gsm (140 lb),  specially formulated for oil painting, yet it maintains the look and feel of traditional Arches papers.

    The paper features a powerful & efficient oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents, and binders evenly while allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface. It is ready to use - No need to gesso; no preparation required!

    This new and revolutionary surface is essential for any professional oil painter looking to capture their oil painting on paper all while saving time. Professional Oil painters as well as Oil painting students will love the convenience and ease of use that this paper offers.

    Mould-made, 100% rag (cotton), Neutral pH, acid free, watermarked in a NOT surface.

    These gummed pads are available in two sizes, 9"x12" and 12"x16"

    Loose sheets are also available.


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    9" x 12" Product Code: 1795108
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    12" x 16" Product Code: 1795109
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    • Fascinating!

      An oil paper that looks like watercolour paper - no 'canvas' texture. I am really impressed with it. Suitable for a huge range of techniques, dilute paint with turps for washes, use paint thickly from the tube as it is or with medium, palette knife, rub with cloth, draw with pencils or charcoal or coloured pencils or pens in conjunction with oil paint. Perfect for students or those new to oils but used to water based media on paper. Easy to cut, roll and store. Both sides can be used. Paint doesn't 'sink' into the paper but remains wet and blendable. A great product. Haidee-Jo Summers (Grantham, United Kingdom) on 29 Dec 2012
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    • Smooth performance for OilBars - Arches Huile Oil Painting Paper Pads 9" x 12"

      I haven't yet tried a complete picture with standard oil-paints on this paper and had purchased a pad initially to try with Oilbars, since framing under glass is often recommended for them.
      The paper feels and looks just like watercolour paper; but applications of light turps washes do not bleed through and the paper remains flat on its board.

      Oilbars run smoothly over the paper surface and blending is easy. The colours are touch-dry in a couple of days and also retain any texture-marks. I was able to add touches of tube oil-paint with a small painting-knife, with no difficulty.

      Whether this paper will take heavier textured paint, I don't know---it probably will---but for the smoother painting styles, it seems absolutely fine. For oilbar work I'd recommend a larger size pad, or sheets. Christine Derrick (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 18 Dec 2013
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    • good product - Arches Huile Oil Painting Paper Pads 9" x 12"

      Looks like this will be very good for travelling Robin Coutts (Waterlooville, United Kingdom) on 24 Dec 2012
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