Ken Bromley Art Supplies - Cover Competition




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Entries can be of any subject matter suitable for a catalogue cover, in any traditional medium (paint, pencil, pastel etc.). Photographs, sculptures, and digital paintings or other digitally-created artworks are not eligible for entry.

The entry must be your own original work. Please note: you must own the copyright to any painting you enter. You must ensure that there are no copyright infringements if copying a photograph/artwork published by a third party. We would need to see written permission from the originator if such an entry is received.

When entering your paintings, please make sure the photographs are clear and show your painting at its best. Any blurred or out-of-focus photographs will not be considered for the short list. If you are having problems getting a good photograph of your artwork watch this video tutorial on how to photograph your art.

Please ensure that:

  • the picture is in focus
  • the photograph is taken straight on
  • there are no reflections
  • you crop the picture - we don't want any background (including mount)

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Dimensions: The image should be at least 800 pixels along its greatest dimension.
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