Founded in 1895 in Brittany, France, an area known for its fine brush making, Isabey produce beautiful hand made paint brushes for artists.

Isabey still hand make all their brushes and it takes each brushmaker 7 years to master the tradition techniques required to produce Isabey brushes and they must apprentice for 10 years before they are allowed to make the Kolinsky sable mop brushes. They use only the best natural fibres, Squirrel being one of the finest and Sable which is well known for its softness and spring. Using traditional methods, extremely high quality materials and expert crafts people, Isabey brushes are almost a piece of art in themselves!

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Isabey 6201 Pure Sable Travel Brush

8 reviews

A convenient reversible travel brush made from pure sable

from £10.55

Isabey 6222 Pure Sable Liner Brush

9 reviews

Extra long pure sable provides a continuous supply of colour for long fine strokes.

from £6.82

Isabey 6227z Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

10 reviews

The Isabey Series 6227z watercolor paint brush is an exquisite, top of the line, Kolinsky Sable brush!

from £7.24

Isabey 6228 Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush

19 reviews

Combines precision with the ability to hold a large quantity of paint, for long or full brush strokes.

from £8.12

Isabey 6229 Miniature Kolinsky Sable Brush

8 reviews

Excellent for work that requires extreme detail,

from £6.12

Isabey Wash Brush

46 reviews

Superb wash brush made from pure Russian squirrel. Points beautifully and ideal for 'wet-in-wet' techniques. Clear varnished wood handle.

from £17.33
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