Always high quality and great value for money, Frisk is part of the Artcoe family and includes a number of useful artists accessoreis and tools. 

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Frisk Kraft Cover Sketchbooks

16 reviews

These staple-bound sketchbooks contain 40 pages of 140gsm high quality cartridge paper, complete with a Kraft cover. The cover is fully customizable!

from £1.50

Frisk Masking Fluid Marker Pen

3 reviews

The Frisk Masking Fluid Marker Pen is a versatile tool that can be used to apply masking fluid with precision. 


Frisk Newsprint Paper Pads

Frisk Newsprint Paper Pad contain 100 sheets of lightweight 45gsm newsprint paper. This high quality, recycled surface is perfect for creating quick sketches.

from £3.99

Frisk Typo Detail Paper Pads

Frisk Typo Detail Paper Pads each include 50 sheets of 53gsm super transparent paper, ideal for use with technical pens and pencils.

from £6.75

Frisk White Yupo Paper Postcard Pad

The Frisk White YUPO Paper Postcard Pad includes 15 sheets of A6 155gsm yupo paper. This small size is ideal for small experiments or studies, and for making card fronts.


Lightweight Drawing Board - Half Imperial

10 reviews

Double-sided lightweight pine drawing board.


Frisk YUPO Paper Pack of 10 A2 Sheets

This Frisk YUPO Paper Pack of 10 A2 Sheets is packed in a cardboard tube and contains ten individual sheets of synthetic YUPO paper.


Frisk Blue Masking Fluid Fineliner 30ml

8 reviews

This Blue Masking Fluid fineliner from Frisk allows you to mask out detail with its precision 0.5mm applicator tip. Refill bottles also available.

from £2.70

Frisk Maskaway Masking Fluid Remover Block

1 review

The Frisk Maskaway Masking Fluid Remover Block is a valuable artists tool that can  remove good quality masking fluids from a wide variety of surfaces.


Frisk Black 135gsm Paper Pads

5 reviews

Frisk Black Pad contains 50 sheets of smooth, crisp, black sheets which are perfect for Pastels, Pastel Pencils,Calligraphy  & Markers.  

from £5.95

Frisk White Yupo Heavyweight Paper Pads

Frisk White Yupo Heavyweight Paper Pads are available in A5, A4 and A3 and include 15 sheets of 155gsm heavyweight Yupo paper.

from £7.99

Frisk White Yupo Paper Pad 85gsm 25 Sheets

8 reviews

This smooth surface synthetic paper is ideal for usewith Alcohol Inks, Mixed Media, Watercolours and Acrylics.

from £15.43

Frisk 350gsm Black Card Pads

Our Frisk Black Black Card Pads contain 20 sheets of heavy weight and high quality 350gsm black card. Suitable for pastel, pencil and other dry media.

from £5.95

Frisk Magic Watercolour Sponge Eraser

54 reviews

Completely remove unwanted watercolour paint from your paper!


Frisk (Frisket) Film

1 review

Protect your work surface to be painted underneath with this temporary protective plastic adhesive film.

from £14.80
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