Zest-It Pencil Blend

    Zest-It Pencil Blend is an excellent solvent that can be used to blend your favourite coloured pencils. It works with many makes of colour pencil, including Caran d'Ache Luminance, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Derwent Drawing, Artist and Coloursoft Pencils and also with brands such as Prismacolor and Karisma. It works just as well with wax-based pencils, oil pastels, crayons, oil bars and graphite.

    Zest-it has a pleasant scent and leaves no residue on the paper, which makes it popular choice with coloured pencil artists. It is economical to use and a safer solvent than odourless mineral spirit or similar solvents. It can be applied using a tortillion, cotton bud or brush.
    Make sure your workspace has good ventilation when using this solvent and wash hands after use.

    Now available in a 50ml bottle.

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    • very good product, very good price - Zest-It Pencil Blend 50ml

      using Zest-It seems to be my favourite blending technique Andrea Praskova (Jihlava, Czech Republic) on 4 Sep 2018
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    • more fun - Zest-It Pencil Blend 50ml

      Makes colouring more fun Pia Østergaard (Aalborg Sø, Denmark) on 26 Feb 2018
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