Zest-It Masking Fluid Remover

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Zest-It Masking Fluid Remover is an excellent solvent that can be used to revive your brushes by removing dry, stiff masking fluid. It can even be used to remove dried masking fluid from clothes or equipment.

To use simply soak the brush in a small amount of the Zest-It Masking Fluid Remover for about 15 minutes; the masking fluid should look soft and feel 'gooey' to the touch. Gently roll the filaments between your fingers with kitchen towel or cloth to loosen the masking fluid. Make sure all the 'gooey' residue has been cleaned and then wash the brush in Zest-It brush cleaner. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to remove all the dried up fluid. Wash hands after use.

Zest-It Masking Fluid Remover can be used more than once. Leave your used Masking Fluid Remover to stand overnight until any debris has settled to the bottom. Decant the clean fluid and it is ready to reuse!

Now available in a 50ml bottle.

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