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Zest-It Cold Wax Painting Medium imparts body and texture to a variety of mediums. It can be mixed with oil paint, pigments, marble, mediums, powdered metals, glass beads and a variety of other fine art materials.

Cold Wax Painting Medium is comprised of Beeswax, Linseed Oil and Damar. The ingredients work together. Damar increases the melting point of beeswax and strengthens it, while the beeswax protects the damar from oxidisation and increases flexibility. It has a smooth, thick and firm consistency.

When mixed with oil paint the wax and oil mixture dries faster than oil paint alone. It is best applied on a slightly absorbent surface, and can be used on both rigid and flexible surfaces. Cold Wax Medium works brilliantly with painting knives and large brushes. Unlike encaustic wax mediums, this medium is designed to be used cold, so does not require heat. For reliable adhesion it is advisable not to mix with any water based products.

Zest-It Cold Wax Medium is non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Dispose of the any wax/paint waste by putting onto damp sand or soil in a container. Do not throw brush washings down the sink.

Download the Zest-It Cold Wax Painting Medium Data Sheet.

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Used in an un-altered state, Cold Wax Painting Medium can be used to seal and protect items, as a wax varnish for a painting and even as a 'polish' for picture frames and the like. Powders, pigments and embellishments can be mixed with the wax before painting. Pastels, mica flakes, glitter, graphite and other additives can also be used.

DO NOT use water-based products with this medium. Although it may seem to work it will create weakening in the paint structure and there will be oil/wax/water movement over time. This can result in disintegration and damage to your work. Steer clear of water-mixable oils and acrylics when using this medium.

Oil Paint can be mixed with Cold Wax Painting Medium in varying quantities depending on the application. The ratio used is ultimately up to personal preference, but a 50:50 ratio is a good place to start. Wax and oils have been used together for thousands of years, and the ratio does not appear to affect longevity. They are best mixed together before application, although they can be mixed, moved and manipulated on the painting surface.

Mixing Cold Wax Painting Medium with pigments does have a drying/shortening effect. It makes the wax feel more firm and less creamy. It can be used this way, but you can also reduce the thickness by adding a drop of Cold Pressed Linseed Oil or Wax Solvent.

Using additives can give more body and texture to the wax, making it ideal for impasto applications. Zest-It's additives include Marble Dust, Slate Dust, Limestone Dust, Fine Sand and Graphite Powder. These additives impart varying levels of grittiness and colouration.

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  • Fantastic - Zest-It Cold Wax Painting Medium 840g

    This is a fantastic product. Cold wax adds great texture to oil paint, it does reduce the sheen of the paint but adds lustre. Zest it cold wax has a very pleasant smell. It’s generally used with oil paint however I have used it with alcohol inks and embossing powder. Very versatile. Susan Bell (Workington, United Kingdom) on 10 May 2021
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