Winsor & Newton Tyne Aluminium Sketching Easel

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This lightweight folding aluminium easel features telescopic adjustable legs and has great stability when working outdoors. The adjustable canvas support can be positioned for either water colour or oil colour painting. A unique feature of this easel is its camera mount fixing of the canvas support, which when removed offers the facility to be used as a photographic tripod with standard camera mount fitting. The easel can accommodate a maximum canvas height of 122cm (48").

Overall Height: 73" (185cm)
Weight: 1.8 kg (4lbs)
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  • Nice well made easel but...

    Nice well made easel but the locking screws on the side of the board clamps are a bit awkward to tighten. It would be easier if they were on the top of the sliders or they used wing nuts. Chris Dodson (Ilkley) on 10 Apr 2007
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  • Not cheap but well made and versatile - Tyne Aluminium Sketching Easel

    My first impressions on unpacking the Tyne easel were of very good build quality, but at over £50 and probably the most expensive of the lightweight easels, where is the carry bag??

    I got a perfectly serviceable bag and shoulder strap with a £5.99 folding seat, so come on W&N - this is specifically a portable item - make it so. My hands are full of other stuff as it is.

    Other than that, it works well. Clamping is good and positive even for thin boards. Stability is also good, but the spread angle of the legs is a little narrow. On a windy day, a weight bag or large water pot might be needed to hold it down.

    It doubles as a very basic camera tripod too having the standard 1/4" thread mount. Not tried this yet, but the mount platform is OK for most cameras.

    8 out of 10 - let down by the lack of a bag. George Maxwell Townend (Brighouse, United Kingdom) on 28 May 2012
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  • Surprised

    The quality of the build of this easel does not come over from the photographs. As mentioned by a previous poster a bag would have been nice. The knurled locking nuts could be replaced with smaller versions of the main locking handle - I might just do that. They are easily available on line. Guy Bagshaw (Alton, United Kingdom) on 6 Aug 2012
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