Winsor & Newton Trent Metal Sketching Easel

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A sturdy metal folding sketching easel which offers added stability when outdoor sketching. The telescopic legs and adjustable canvas grip allow for a varied range of working positions and heights.

Maximum canvas height 30" (75cm)
Overall Height: 75" (190cm)
Weight: 2.5kg (5lb 5oz)

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  • Swivel head

    Over the years I had problems with the arm that tightens the head. Often I just could not move it, and it hurt my hand. Why did they not make it a bit longer?

    Anyway I solved the problem by fitting an extra smooth faced washer between the handle and mechanism, also be carefull hanging a water bucket to the end, the weight causes it to drop, that problem in the design could have been so easily fixed by having locating holes in the handle mechanism, for a locating pin to drop in. Alan Owen (Lancashire) on 4 Feb 2012
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  • Trent Easel

    I also have had one of these easels for a number of years and also have had the problem of stripping threads on the fixing screws.
    I have finally run out of options in moving dodgy screws around to keep the easel working and will have to replace thew whole thing.
    The Trent is the best easel I have seen to date for stability. It is heavy enough to take pastel working without sliding around the floor, and is also good for working outside. The weight is right for me - I have bought replacement easels which have stayed in the bag and/or been given away as they were too fragile/light to use.
    The ideal would be a Trent Easel with a modern clip fixing on the legs, but until the day that arrives, I suppose I will have to order up another Trent of the current model !
    PW Peter Weatherill (MIlton Keynes) on 25 Jun 2012
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  • Nice and sturdy design - Trent Metal Sketching Easel

    This is my first easel so I can't really compare it to others. But from an engineering background I can vouch for the construction.
    Firstly, it was nice to see that it was made in Italy. It's a good tubular frame, which instantly gives you rigidity. Very quick to set up with good thumb screws giving you ample purchase to tighten firmly. All the threaded sections are reinforced with a welded nut which means that you won't have any problems with 'stripped threads' through overtightening.
    The adjustable boom is easily slotted in place and adjusted, as are the top and bottom brackets. Once set up it is really sturdy. All the adjustable links, brackets and bolts are built to last. A nice solid construction that will out last me by several decades, I would reckon! :) Simon Bush (Gorebridge, United Kingdom) on 18 Jul 2015
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