Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour 12 Whole Pan Box

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A heavyweight enameled metal box containing 12 assorted whole pans Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours.

The value of the paint at RRP is £83.25!

Approx size of box when shut is: 215mm x 80mm x 20mm

Please note that these boxes are no longer manufactured with the Winsor & Newton logo on the lid.


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(subject to variation):

Winsor Yellow Lemon Yellow
Winsor Red Alizarian Crimson
French Ultramarine Winsor Blue Green Shade
Permanent Sap Green Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber
Ivory Black Chinese White
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W&N PWC 12 Whole Pan Box Product Code: 0190542
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  • Excellent product, unavailable in the US. - W&N PWC 12 Whole Pan Box

    Although I live in the United States, I ordered this 12x whole pan W&N set with heavy metal case from Ken Bromley because W&N apparently does not market their whole pan watercolors in the US. The quality of W&N's pan watercolors and the box itself, combined with Ken's superb service, more than made up for the additional cost and delay involved in overseas shipping. For lighter weight packages, Ken offers shipping which balances reasonable cost with maximum speed, and by packing and shipping so promptly, he managed to get the set in my hands in the same or even less time as if I had ordered it from a US dealer. Ken's email communications were similarly prompt, making the transaction a complete pleasure. I followed this order a few days later with an order for several individual whole pan W&N colors which I wanted to "customize" the palette of the watercolor set. The same prompt and courteous service was provided for the second purchase.
    As for the set, it was delivered with a combination of colors which were certainly serviceable as a general all-purpose palette. I should mention that this judgment is based on my current practice of using a somewhat limited palette (both in oil and in watercolor), tied to my emphasis on portraiture and figurative studies. Although I use the watercolor primarily for plein air urban landscape, I use the same or similar limited range of colors. Here's the contents of my "customized" watercolor set (colors marked with an asterisk were purchased separately): Naples Yellow*, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Winsor Red, Venetian Red*, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine, Indigo*, Pthalo Turquoise*, Veridian*, Raw Umber, and Sepia*. For some reason, the set was shipped with two pans of Raw Umber. I removed the Ivory Black (I use it in oil painting, but I'm not yet comfortable with it in watercolor) and substituted Sepia which I use for monochrome architectural studies. I also jettisoned the Winsor Blue and Winsor Green; they are perfectly good colors, but I needed to make room for the Indigo and Veridian. The pans i removed from the set were put in small plastic bags in my field bag, so I can use them should the muse dictate.
    I have long owned the W&N 18-color half-pan set, which I purchased in the US, and so was already familiar the French-made heavy duty box. The 12x whole pan box shuts securely, and holds the pans securely as well. The design for changing pans is simple and easy to manage, even in the field. The finish on the box was a perfect glossy black with the W&N logo discretely marked in the lower right corder of the top. The four mixing wells are adequate to my purpose (I am a rather slow, methodical painter, and I tend to clean up as I work on a painting). I keep my brushes stored separately, so the empty space in the middle of the box is used for moist sponges. Fully loaded, the box is a bit on the heavy side, but I like the strength and quality inherent in the box's design and construction. I also have two sets with the lighter boxes, which seem a bit "tinny," and I definitely favor the heavier boxes. James Lehrer (Los Angeles, USA) on 23 May 2013
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  • I could only find this at Bromley's. - W&N PWC 12 Whole Pan Box

    A heavy duty full pan Wins or & Newton watercolor set. I live on the Northwest Pacific Coast of the USA and Bromley's was the only vendor I could find it. Upon ordering I discovered that even though I'm literally half a world away it was like doing business with friends right next door. David M (Oregon City, OR, USA) on 19 Jan 2015
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  • Sturdy design - W&N PWC 12 Whole Pan Box

    I ordered this set mainly for the metal box, which is well made and compact. Some of the colours are not ones I would have chosen, but it was still very good value for the box and paint. I have added my extra colours along the centre, so I have fitted in 18 whole pans. Katherine Woodman (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 8 Dec 2014
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