Winsor & Newton Professional Standard Linen Canvas Cartons

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  • Winsor & Newton Pro-stretcher™

Stretched to perfection

It's the ultimate surface, expertly stretched by hand. The faultless, finest grade linen is primed with highly pigmented Gesso and is beautifully responsive to every brushstroke. The new Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™ creates precision tension that you can control. The linen canvas surface has a medium texture, ideal for use with oil and acrylic paints.

Why Choose Linen Canvas?
Linen is strong and durable, and remains the preferred surface for many artists but it is expensive. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant and top quality flax is harvested mainly in Western Europe. If you want your painting to last then a linen canvas is a sound investment. The threads that make up linen, known as the warp and weft threads, weigh the same, which means they are less prone to expansion or contraction due to moisture. 

Linen retains its natural oils, which helps to preserve the fibre’s flexibility and stops the canvas from going brittle. It is also regarded as having a more ‘natural’ weaved finish than cotton.

Because of its strength linen holds up to a heavy painting hand and does not become slack as easily as cotton canvas.

Built for endurance, with solid  heavy-duty pine wood stretcher bars that are kiln-dried for strength and rigorously tested for warp-resistance. No other surface comes close.

For the ultimate surface, choose Winsor & Newton canvas

Profile Depth: 21mm.

Canvas : 430gsm (15.2oz)

Each carton contain 5 canvases.

​The express service for next day noon delivery is not available with Winsor & Newton Canvas Cartons.

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The introduction of the new Pro-stretcher™ demonstrates Winsor & Newton's dedication to innovation. This invaluable tool makes achieving the perfect tension easy. Strong and compact, it allows you to create an immaculate bespoke surface, stretched exactly as you want it.

4 devices in each canvas, except on the smallest sizes

Read more about the Pro-stretcher™

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  • Not as fine linen as previously

    I have bought many of these cartons over the years as they are exceptional good value, if painting in standard sizes. Recently W&N have changed the branding and labelling of these and come up with some fancy plastic things to replace the wooden wedges. Not convinced of the benefits of those to be honest. The canvas is usually well stretched (taut) anyway so I think that many of these little devices will be thrown away at greater cost to the environment. With my latest purchase I'm disappointed with the linen itself, the tooth is definitely not as fine as it used to be, and on the smaller sizes that is quite a drawback as far as I'm concerned. Therefore I'm giving a three star rating whereas before the range was 'improved' it was a four/five. Haidee-Jo Summers (United Kingdom) on 21 May 2018
    13 of 13 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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