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Winsor & Newton Professional Cotton Smooth Standard

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  • Winsor & Newton Pro-stretcher™

Stretched to perfection

It's the ultimate surface, expertly stretched by hand. The faultless, finest grade cloth is primed with highly pigmented Gesso and is beautifully responsive to every brushstroke. The new Winsor & Newton pro-stretcher™ creates precision tension that you can control. This Cotton Smooth canvas has a very fine weave which results in an ultra-smooth surface, making it ideal for fine-detail and portrait painting.

Built for endurance, with solid heavy-duty pine wood stretcher bars that are kiln-dried for strength and rigorously tested for warp-resistance. No other surface comes close.

For the ultimate surface, choose Winsor & Newton canvas

Profile Depth: 21mm.

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The introduction of the new Pro-stretcher™ demonstrates Winsor & Newton's dedication to innovation. This invaluable tool makes achieving the perfect tension easy. Strong and compact, it allows you to create an immaculate bespoke surface, stretched exactly as you want it.

4 devices in each canvas, except on the smallest sizes

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