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White Nights 36 Whole Pan Set

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Formerly known as St Petersburg, White Nights Watercolours are professional quality, liquid-poured, semi-moist, whole pan watercolours manufactured in the St Petersburg factory. These extra-fine artists' water colours are produced with finely dispersed lightfast pigments, and all of the colours are easily intermixable. The paint structure also comprises gum arabic, which results in a quality paint, giving artists full assurance when completing important artwork. 

The plastic box set contains 36 colours at an amazing price for artists' watercolour paints.  Click the 'Colours' tab above to see which colours are included in this set.

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Colours in the 36 whole pan set (subject to variation)

Zinc white (WK100 ) Cadmium Lemon (WK203 )
Cadmium Yellow Medium (WK201 ) Yellow Ochre (WK218 )
Golden (WK216 ) Golden Deep (WK217 )
Hanza Yellow (WK215 ) Titian Red (WK226 )
Ruby (WK323 ) Cadmium red light (WK302)
English red (WK321 ) Quinacridone rose (WK324 )
Carmine (WK319 ) Madder lake red light (WK313 )
Quinacridone lilac (WK609 ) Violet (WK607 )
Ultramarine (WK511 ) Azure Blue (WK519 )
Cobalt Blue (WK508 ) Indanthrene Blue (WK524 )
Turquoise Blue (WK507 ) Indigo (WK516 )
Ceruleum Blue (WK503 ) Yellow Green (WK718 )
Emerald Green (WK713 ) Green (WK719 )
Olive Green (WK727 ) Oxide of Chromium (WK704 )
Raw sienna (WK405 ) Burnt sienna (WK406 )
Umber (WK418) Burnt Umber (WK408 )
Mars Brown (WK412 ) Sepia (WK413 )
Neutral Black (WK805 ) Payne's Grey (WK812 )
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  • Amazing watercolours - White Nights 36 Whole Pan Set

    Absolutely outstanding watercolours at an exceptionally amazing price. These are artist grade quality and for the price they are truly wonderful. Ella Taylor (Crewe, United Kingdom) on 6 May 2017
    12 of 12 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Fantastic quality, very good value for money - White Nights 36 Whole Pan Set

    I'm new to watercolour but found these to be very easy to work with, extremely vibrant colours, release very well from the pans are I like the transparency. Melissa Mauri (Cooma, Australia) on 17 May 2017
    7 of 7 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Terrific colours - White Nights 36 Whole Pan Set

    The pigment is quite good for the price as well as the range of colours. Easy to use and colours blend well. Perfect for what I need as an advanced beginner. The two sided lid provides plenty of space for mixing. Elizabeth Sutcliffe (London, United Kingdom) on 27 Sep 2018
    2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no