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    The 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 ViewCatcher is constructed of durable plastic to hold up to the elements and provide years of use.

    It is colored a #5 gray to help judge value and has a small sight opening in the center that enables artists to see "true" color. It can be held at different distances and the adjustable opening can be oriented horizontally or vertically to help find just the right composition.

    •  Use it to find placement of your still-life objects and focal points.
    •  Plein-aire artists now have a weapon in the battle for the perfect landscape.
    •  View your subject matter or painting without surrounding elements.

    Use the ViewCatcher to:

    •  Create strong compositions
    •   Quickly see correct colour values
    •   Make colour decisions
    •   For professionals, amateurs and students
    •   Use for painting, drawing, photography, quilting, interior design, landscaping, craft projects, and any other place where composition is required

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    • Very useful tool - ViewCatcher

      This little tool opened a new world for me. I realized that I have not been able to see the forest from the trees. The ViewCatcher makes me see interesting compositions almost anywhere. It has really boosted my creativity. Emilia Leinonen (Hammaslahti, Finland) on 14 Sep 2012
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    • Perfect! - ViewCatcher

      Much better than using bits of cardboard and paperclips! Morgan Thomas (Huddinge, Sweden) on 24 Sep 2012
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    • Great! - ViewCatcher

      I don't have to use my cardboard homemade one anymore :) M.Chilton (USA) on 18 Jul 2013
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