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View Catcher

    The Viewcatcher is an indispensible artists tool, made from durable plastic that will stand up to the elements and ensure years of use. Adjust the viewcatcher’s window to match your desired dimension to help you perfect your composition. This 3 ½” x 3 ½” tool is coloured in #5 gray to help correctly judge value and also has a small hole in the centre to help you match ‘true’ colour in isolation.

    The Viewcatcher can be held at different distances and the adjustable opening can be oriented horizontally or vertically. It can be used to find the best placement for still life objects or to find good focal points - allowing you to isolate the subject matter of your painting without surrounding distractions. It is particularly useful for plein air artists looking to capture the perfect landscape! It is a valuable tool for students, amateurs and professionals alike! Use for painting, drawing, photography, quilting, interior design, landscaping, craft projects, and any other place where composition is required.

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