The Passionate Painter in Antwerp DVD

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Alvaro Castagnet is a highly respected watercolour artist with an international reputation. His paintings capture the essence of his subjects with passion, boldness and elegance. In this film he travels to Antwerp and selects a range of subjects which include street views, a café interior, inside the railway station and one of the oldest bars in Antwerp painted at night.

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Duration: 90 mins
Format: English, PAL DVD
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  • Entertainment - The Passionate Painter in Antwerp DVD

    This man entertains as he teaches, he is a joy to watch and learn from. I am only giving 4 stars because there are no subtitles. My boyfriend is deaf and my hearing is diminishing. It is impossible to lip read without seeing the face all the time, so less than a tenth of this film would be suitable. I actually think this is discrimination nowadays, the producers need to get this sorted on all their films.

    Claudia Hawkins (Cheltenham, United Kingdom) on 16 Dec 2014
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  • Excellent

    A brilliant DVD of a superb artist. This is a chance to see Alvaro paint scenes from life. It is a bit difficult to undera-stand him-a at times, why are there no subtitles!!!!
    The only thing I also needed to know was how long he was leaving areas to dry before coming back to them-hence the 4 stars instead of 5. John Cooney (Carrickfergus, United Kingdom) on 5 Nov 2013
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