The Acrylic Artist's Bible

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The complete manual for acrylic painting. Marylin Scott provides over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing how to tackle tricky subjects, accompanied by full-colour photography.

Even though, acrylic is used by many well-known professional artists, it is rather less popular with amateurs. This is surprising, because acrylic is not only the most versatile of all the painting media, but is also highly forgiving. You can paint out mistakes as you work, even making major changes to the colour scheme and composition. Each new painting can become a springboard for ideas and the range of different effects is vast.

- Complete information on materials and techniques, with full-colour photographs and step-by-step demonstrations
- Over 100 visual sequences give advice on how to paint tricky subjects, from skies and water to faces and figures

192 page paperback.

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Love to Make

June 2016

Described as the 'complete manuals', this seris of books from Search Press offers painters essntial information in their chosen medium, whether it's watercolour, acrylic, pastel, sketching and drawing or oil painitng. Each book contains over 100 step-by-step demonstrations, with visual sequences to show you exactly how to tackle tricky subjects - from watercolour skies to faces and figures. In the Acrylic Artist's bible Marylin advocates the use of acrylics by beginners as the medium is much more versatile than others and also very forgiving! Here she describes exactly how the medium can be used for best effect, plenty of practical advice on how to present your finished paintings, and how to set about exhibiting your work to a wider audience.

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  • Love this book - The Acrylic Artist's Bible

    It was a great help, seeing as I am a new comer to acrylics. Made the keep wet palette for paints. Works a treat. Joyce McEwan (Chorley, United Kingdom) on 17 Apr 2018
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  • Good reading - The Acrylic Artist's Bible

    I like these books because they are small and easy to carry around with you and give's me great tips. James Menhams (Cumnock, United Kingdom) on 1 Jun 2019
    22 of 23 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Very detailed - The Acrylic Artist's Bible

    Very detailed and a good but; something I can refer to at a later date. But personally, it is above my head considering I am very much a beginner. I feel out of my depth. But I shall definitely keep it. Tasha M. (London, United Kingdom) on 29 Apr 2020
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