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The 20 years of Supracolor by Alber Limited Edition Set

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Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture, celebrates the 20th anniversary of its famous Supracolor® pencils with one of its greatest enthusiasts: Alber Elbaz, Artistic Director of Lanvin.

To mark the first 20 years of Supracolor®, the Geneva company has produced an exclusive box containing the 120 original colours.

“The 20 years of Supracolor®” by Alber, a box designed with the kind co-operation of Alber ELBAZ, Artistic Director of Lanvin.

3 drawers of 40 Supracolor water-soluble colour pencils.

With their thick, soft leads, Supracolor® watersoluble colour pencils are suitable for all drawing techniques and meet the most demanding requirements of artists and creative professionals. They can be used dry or applied with a moist brush, offering unlimited possibilities for blending and combining with other media.

This is a limited edition, and they are nearly all sold.

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This Limited Edition of 1988 pieces reflects the 20 years since Supracolor® was launched. It is the result of a meeting between two independent companies, Lanvin and Caran d’Ache. It is decorated with sketches kindly lent by the man TIME Magazine voted one of the most influential personalities in the world in 2007: Alber ELBAZ, the Artistic Director of the world’s oldest fashion house. He loves to make tiny sketches during fittings to alter the details of his collections. “I sit in front of the mirrors and I draw what I see. My Supracolor® pencils are not just useful - they are essential.”

These drawings are a key part of his work as a designer, setting the colours and lines that give life to his materials and the form of his clothes.

The elegant creativity of the “20 years of Supracolor® by Alber” demonstrates the two companies’ passion for beauty and their determination to pass on their expertise to successive generations. This is a gift that offers as much pleasure to give as to receive.

Opening this exceptional box is a very special moment. With our impatient fingers we feel that the red Caran d’Ache ribbon seems to come undone very slowly. Inside, we find another ribbon holding the lid while the sides drop down to form a mirror. A delicate silhouette disappears behind a heavy velvet curtain to reveal a dedication from the designer. Then we are surprised to see a figure worn out by frantic shopping… a Parisienne representing a certain French image of luxury. And, with the infinite attention to detail that distinguishes all Caran d’Ache products, each drawer of the box is adorned with a ribbon in the brand’s colours.

While the most impatient of us will grasp it with both hands, others will discover a subtle wink from the designer in a reflection: a fashion parade for our eyes only. How marvellous to be fascinated before we even discover the contents of the box!

The first drawer opens gently and we can guess at the first 40 colours through their protective paper. Opening the other drawers we gradually discover the further 80 colours that make up the 120 shades in the Supracolor® spectrum.

After 20 years, Supracolor® pencils continue to delight generations of children, as well as adult artists and creative professionals. The soft leads recall the gentleness of childhood and that wonderful moment when they opened their first box of Caran d’Ache to discover these magic pencils that make an infinity of watercolours. Because it is still entirely Swiss, Supracolor® continues to meet the strictest standards and to inspire both amateur artists and specialist professionals.

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