Tangle Wood

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Illustrator and papercutter, Jessica Palmer, has created 80 pages of enchanting hand-drawn pictures with an enchanted woodland theme for you to colour in. Each one includes a hidden jewel, intricately worked into the design.

The images all have a magical woodland theme, and each one includes a hidden jewel, intricately worked into the design, which will include rings, brooches, pendants, chains, bracelets and earrings featuring insects, animals and leafy patterns. The book includes designs that fit on a single page as well as those that extend across a double-page spread. Some of the designs fill the entire page and others sit within it. Others have space left for the reader to extend the design themselves.

  • Beautiful, intricate artwork to lose yourself in
  • Evokes a magical world for therapeutic colouring
  • High quality paper with no show-through

80 page paperback.

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Jessica Palmer gave up a TV production career to rekindle her first love of art, gaining an MA in Illustration at Kingston University at the age of 49. Her work appears on a variety of book and album covers and in book designs and websites. She is much in demand for her illustrations and recently created the herb and vegetable drawings for Bistronomy - Recipes from the Best New Paris Bistros by Jane Sigal (Rizzoli, New York). For more about Jessica's illustration work, go to www.jessicapalmerart.com. Jessica is widely known as a papercut, collage and paper sculpture artist, making pieces for private commission as well as installations and exhibitions in the UK and USA. She is now a visiting artist in galleries and museums in London, Bath and Bristol, including the V & A and the National Portrait Gallery.

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Colouring books for adults are the newest craze to hit the shops this year, and even when you browse the bestseller lists, colouring books crop up along with the top fiction and non-fiction reads. I must admit, I flick through lots of them when I see them out and about, but there have been lots where there are one or two nice pages inside and then the others are a bit bland, and samey. There doesn't always seem to be anything special about them. When I saw this new publication from Search Press however, I knew I was onto a colouring winner.

Jessica Palmer is a papercutter, which is the most amazing talent, it just looks so difficult and intricate, and way above anything I could even contemplate doing. Anyway, she has just brought out her first colouring book, and I hope it won't be her last.

Tangle Wood has 75 pages of beautiful woodland designs in it, some are on one page only, and some extend to two pages. There are complex scenes, and much simpler ones where you can add your own ideas and designs should you be able to draw (unlike me who sticks to colouring only). I loved the detail involved in the images, it's not only so wonderfully done but the pictures are gorgeous

Yorkshire Gazette & Herald

September 2015

For those who wish to simply enjoy Jessica's artwork and need something more therapeutic will find her colouring book Tangle Wood fits the bill. Here we find images of all forms of animals, birds, plants, trees and in each picture is hidden a piece of jewellery for us to find and colour. Both a joy and an inspiration and worth every penny.


This colouring book by Jessica Palmer is simply enchanting. Jessica has illustrated this book beautifully. And all the illustrations are begging to be coloured. There is just a problem. You cant pick just one to colour .

Jessica welcomes you to Tangle Wood . She invites you to find hidden animal charms in each picture , and also gives you tips of mediums to use. What I adored on the Welcome page , was the concept of how she invites the colourer to Tangle Wood.

Come inside and discover a magical place full of woodland creatures, fairy objects and a tangle of mysterious plants and gorgeous flowers'

She has included some of the jewels to find in Tangle Wood. This allows the colourer the chance to find more. I love this concept, unlike most other colouring books that uses the same concept , where they give you all the items to find.

Jessica has also given you plenty of space on most pages to doodle and draw . But you dont feel like you have to. They would look gorgeous left blank.

Please buy this book. If you love The Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford , you will adore Tangle Wood.

For the full review and pictures, please visit: https://thecolouringbookqueen.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/tangle-wood-by-jessica-palmer-a-review/


Adult coloring books are enjoying a current wave of popularity as a stress reliever, and Search Press have brought out several already. Here is a new one unlike the others that invites the colorist into a magical woodland world.

Lose yourself in a tangle of trees, birds, animals, flowers and more, and while you color keep a look out for a selection of hidden drawings. The paper is a cream color instead of the usual white giving the book a vintage feel like an old childrens book. This is echoed in the ink, which is a dark gray with a slightly waxy look to it, a novel appearance. Pictures are detailed indeed, suiting sharp eyes and the finest of pens and are printed on both sides of the page. This means you get twice as much for your money, but you are more limited in what you use to color the drawings. I would suggest colored pencils or gel pens to eliminate bleed through rather than the saturated colors of felt pens and paints. Pictures vary from the type covering the whole page to those you can finish drawing yourself and frames to draw something inside. There is even a this book belongs to page to write your name in. Colorists looking for a challenge will find many happy hours await them with this intricate and imaginative book.

Lucy Fyles- Colouring in the midst of madness

August 2015

This book is truly beautiful and the images are unlike anything else Ive seen because theyre so detailed, patterned and charming. You need to see this book to realise just how wonderful it is. If you like colouring nature images that are highly detailed then youll just love this book. It takes you on a journey rather than being a collection of similarly themed images. You start off seeing some of the jewels that have been hidden within the wood and are greeted by a large tree and a friendly looking fox, you discover a gingerbread house and walk past all sorts of species of birds. You walk further into the trees and happen upon all manner of woodland creatures including badgers, rabbits, foxes, deer and hedgehogs, you encounter a family of owls and a kingfisher whos caught his lunch. By the end of the walk youve reached whats probably the heart of the wood and night has fallen and your path is lit by a smiling full moon. This book is so much more than a colouring book. It tells a story, it has hidden elements in the form of jewels and jewellery pieces and it sparks your imagination and creates a wonderful world of escapism. The images are highly detailed and intricate and many encompass typical zentangle patterns that you can either colour between so youre colouring teeny tiny sections or colour over to create patterned blocks and sections. Some of the images arent complete or have large sections around them that have been left blank and while I was confused by these at the beginning and it felt a little unfinished on certain pages, after reading the introduction page it explained that these spaces are left so that you can add your own details, backgrounds, and to continue the picture on in your own way. I think this feature is great because it means that you can add to the book or leave it without there being text in the way and detracting from your beautiful colouring. There are also a number of floral and faunal frames that are circular, square and even heart-shaped that you could either leave as they are or add to if your drawing skills are honed!

For the full review and pictures:https://colouringinthemidstofmadness.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/tangle-wood-a-captivating-colouring-book-with-hidden-jewels-a-review

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